Dreamer of Disney has moved. You can now find me at Dazzledbydisney or Nonhumandisney. Please do not repost my old materiel.


I logged In to delete this blog, but saw there was a lot of new messages. So before I delete It, please follow my NEW BLOG, DAZZLED BY DISNEY (HEREI’ll deactivate this In a week so the people coming through know where I’ll be at from now on, since I don’t need two main Disney blogs. Thank you for listening!

I got voodoo! I got hoodoo!: STOP IT'S NOT OK.


I’ve been seeing a lot of my old posts from Dreamerofdisney being reposted. Just because the blog is inactive, does not mean you can just take my stuff and repost it. I’m still here. I can see it. And reposting anyone’s gifs is wrong. And it’s even more insulting and infuriating when you take  entire gifsets and repost them. And the fact that I have to reopen my old blog just so I can report this to tumblr and give them the original source to remove it from your blog because you have your ask box turned off really ticks me off. 



OMG! I GOT BACK INTO THIS BLOG! Welp. I was locked out and I couldn’t reset my password because I couldn’t get into my email, but my friend just dropped off some stuff he borrowed a while back and in it was an old usb drive and I practically flew across the room and was like…. GIMMMEEEEE and he was like…WHOA… and I plugged it in and my old passwords notepad was there and here I am… Unfortunately, I won’t be reviving this blogs since while it was gone, I made a new one and have been there, but I will post the link here in a minute after I set my page to redirect. 

So I haven’t really been on and wanted to say sorry. Any of my blogs really. I finally have time to do stuff and suddenly the week gets crazy. Errands, this, that, and then yesterday when I finally sat down for gifs, my friend went into labor. I didn’t roll into bed until 6 and only got a couple hours. Then I got home late and by that time I was lazy and exhausted. 

Anonymous asked
This might be a dumb question, but did I miss a Tangled sequel or something? Where are these Tangled wedding gifs and such coming from?


No, it isn’t. It’s a short called Tangled ever after. You can find it HERE.

Like I always say, Your Majesty, “children have got to be free to lead their own lives.”

Like I always say, Your Majesty, “children have got to be free to lead their own lives.”

God help the outcasts, hungry from birth. Show them the mercy they don’t find on earth.

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I finally have time to make stuff and I have no idea where to begin…. Should I make something for here or the villains blog?